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I LIKE you too much, it scares the shit out of me.

They ask me why do I like you, a fantasy… They forget that I got PHD in running away from a reality…

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Me and my bed have a very weird yet in a very long term relationship. In fact, we are more ‘together’ than all my previous relationships with human called men. 300 more words


No expectation,

No dissappointment

Got notification suruh edit draft pasal resolution yakni azam tahun baru aku. Heck NO! *rolling my eyes*

I do not have any resolutions yet.

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When exo ls have no idea about "EXO 순위" trending

it’s pretty hilarious tbh,a couple of minutes back netizens came across “EXO 순위” trending on twitter and it is at #1 spot in Korea.

These were their awesome reactions: 135 more words