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Hi everybody. What’s new with you guys? It’ s been awhile right? For me, so far so good. I have acquired new extracurricular activity which generate passive income for me. 543 từ nữa


Kimberly Clark Professional, Le Meridien, Putrajaya - Team Alignment - February 2018

Kimberly Clark Professional – Team Alignment – February 2018

In the past 145 years, Kimberly Clark Professional (KCP) have kept to their same values, which are Authenticity, Accountability, Innovation, and Caring. 420 từ nữa



Life lessons are learned
From the complex
Like business, science,
And other subjects

Gaining knowledge;
Being competent;
Learning new things;
Becoming confident.

Learning from others… 49 từ nữa


Face What Isn't Working: Part II - Graphic Designer Woes

I love doing these redo’s as a way of showing you guys how to deal with scoundrels.

So, as I’ve mentioned in a few podcasts before, I’ve had problems/issues with this specific individual in the past.  665 từ nữa

Personal Development

Leadership Safari Guide Round 2

In the beginning of the school year, I was able to participate as a Leadership Safari Guide for a second year! Yes, it is one of my favorite times of the year. 280 từ nữa

Leadership Development

Service Learning and Alternative Breaks

This year I experienced something that is considered unique to me. Central Michigan University offers a program called Alternative Breaks. If you are a college student that attends a university that offers this program and haven’t heard of it, you truly are missing out. 339 từ nữa

Leadership Development