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(IV) Kenangan Mega Project: Pengelola Proyek Bersumbu Pendek

Jujur , saya paling rikuh ditelepon oleh orang yang tidak pernah saya temui – saya ini besar di era 80-90an, di masa ketika orang yang menelepon adalah orang yang diberi nomor telepon melalui tatap muka, bukan karena dia melihat/membaca nomor telepon dari orang lain. 926 more words

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Key Ingredients to a Productive Office Environment

A happy and engaged employee is a productive employee. While everyone has different ideas about what constitutes a productive and proactive office environment, there are a multitude of ingredients that make up a team of focused and hardworking employees. 581 more words


The 6 Pillars of Employee Engagement

At the center of any marketing campaign is the objective to increase customer engagement; but what are your strategies for increasing your own employee engagement? 390 more words


W.T.F. - Whining, Tantrums, & Fits | Spa Standard

3 Employee Behaviors That Need To Go

The Downer- This type of employee behavior is never confrontational but slowly and surely erodes at the contentment of those around them. 1 443 more words

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Have to say my respect for Marley Cat has increased in leaps and bounds.  My mum gave him his breakfast sardines in tomato sauce (hiding antibiotics for him) and left the can on the kitchen worktop.  115 more words


Competing Well is Success

The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand. 669 more words


The control freak's guide to being a team player (because this isn't a high school project)

Remember back when you were in school, and your teacher would announce that a new group project was being assigned? If your classrooms were anything like mine, you recall hearing a collective groan echo from chalkboard to chalkboard. 1 390 more words