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Teamwork Building Activity

Teamwork is extremely important in a classroom. Students need to learn how to work together, listen to each others’ ideas, and be respectful towards each other. 164 từ nữa


Localvantia – great for local business

Dear Entreprenuers,

it is another week and this is my weekly newsletter. Please discuss it with me if you need some help. Today I want to talk about Localvantia. 269 từ nữa

Learning And Growing Network Marketing

The Paradox of Mistakes

We learn from new mistakes if we can survive them. We don’t regret the errant path when we learn from it. Success teaches little and discounts the future by giving us a false sense of competency for future challenges. 20 từ nữa


International Fairy Tea Party Day 2017

On International Fairy Tea Party Day we went on a hunt for fairies and found all the evidence we need to prove that fairies do exist! 151 từ nữa

Dorothy Snot

Is your business in search of high communita?

Communita is a word which you would use when there is high social capital emerging from your community. We all know that a community is when a group of people come together with a strong focus or sense of belonging which they can form from any situation, this being a social or a work setting. 510 từ nữa