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The team will only be as effective as its methods of accountability. Those methods usually fall into two categories:

1) Methods that make us feel good… 110 more words


5 Things Being a Student Athlete Has Taught Me, And How They Will Help in Business

By Amanda Myers

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“460,000 college athletes, 19,000 teams, 1,100 member schools, 3 divisions, 1 association.” – NCAA

Since I learned to walk there was always a golf club in my hand.

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Seeking Perfection: The Benefit of Falling Short

Make it perfect.

I do not care for the term perfectionist. I do not perceive myself to be one. I could easily look in the mirror at the extra padding or around at my random collections and admit perfection is not in the cards for me. 830 more words

Customer Service

Zombie or Talent? That's up to you.

Let’s start with a little bit of history and quite a lot of unmeasured comparison…

In the Industrial age people used to work in machines, following orders from their superiors in a zombie-like fashion, and all you had to do was what you had to do, and what others had to do had nothing to do with you…or something like that. 508 more words


Encourage Respect 

Good morning! A great team is like a family. Everyone works together to support and encourage each other. We step up and help when someone is struggling. 23 more words


Productivity is about People

This morning I attended an event organised by Clarion Law Firm in Leeds about the Economic Outlook. A range of graphs showed an encouraging upwards trend both nationally and locally, in the Leeds area. 813 more words


The Storm before the Calm

Tempers flared. Voices were raised. Fingers pointed. The situation had escalated beyond the point of no return. With stakes exceptionally high for the minority, something had to be done, and this time, for those used to steering, it was the hardest thing to do. 404 more words

The Game