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The Secrets of Great Teamwork


This article details what team leaders should do to establish the four foundations for success. For instance, to promote a shared mindset, leaders should foster a common identity and common understanding among team members, with techniques such as “structured unstructured time.” The authors also describe how to evaluate a team’s effectiveness, providing an assessment leaders can take to see what’s working and where there’s room for improvement. 3 677 more words


You can't carry a sofa up stairs alone.

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” ~ Michael Jordan

If anyone knows how to win championships, it’s got to be MJ.  For some things, it doesn’t matter how good you are by yourself.  127 more words


A-Z of Marketing Part 3

S is for strategy. The planners of today are leaders of tomorrow. To have a clear and concise strategy to generate revenue, get a return of investment and satisfy the customers need, … 229 more words

Reflection is a funny thing...

So, after having some time to allow the news of the team’s promotion to sink in, I have been able to reflect on what this means for me, as an individual. 228 more words

Move More...

Love the Grind

Teammates that love the grind of the job as much as their results are the best teammates to be around. They enjoy their job. The work doesn’t always seem like work because it is what they live for. 71 more words


Kilsyth v Blackburn Q3p1

The mighty struggle continues as neither side wants to give in.

Game Talk

Sun, Sand, and Sore Bodies

Over the last weekend, Kris and I traveled together with the rest of our Ultimate team to compete in the final round of league play in the ROK-U Spring 2016 season. 866 more words