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SPARK Leadership

Spark Leadership is an opportunity for you to develop leadership style and skills. It is a 3 day interactive program. You work in small groups to face leadership challenges that stress the importance of diversity. 194 từ nữa


Bad people, but great designers

Hey ho folks! Missed me? I know it’s been a while now. The reason why I didn’t post anything pretty obvious. There were some much of going on in my professional and personal life that I struggled (see the name of my blog) how to shape all of it properly. 315 từ nữa


Little lessons from the Guardians of Galaxy

Have you watched ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ , I am sure you must have. It’s a great story line with the right emotions. I really loved the movie and its characters. 95 từ nữa


Sentuhan Kecil Penuh Makna

Menjadi seorang pimpinan selalu berhubungan dengan anak buah dalam setiap kegiatan operasional kantor. Seringkali hubungan kerja antara pimpinan atau atasan dengan bawahan berjalan kaku dan penuh formalitas. 298 từ nữa


James Moran's 2017 Show-Reel

For the games I have worked on (either individually, or as a member of the team that worked on such): (Also available at ).


Start With Why

In our leadership class, we had a group project where we were each assigned a book about a leadership theory. Our book was called Start With Why by Simon Sinek, and it was about finding your “why” in life. 355 từ nữa


While Women Handle Childcare and Housework, Dads Are Having Fun, Study Finds

Is this just the natural order of things, or do we allow this behavior as women because of gender roles? Start including men in house work, women are learning to take on more roles considered manly. 52 từ nữa