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Menjadi Perusahaan Asuransi Jiwa, Kesehatan dan Dana Pensiun yang terpercaya dan menjadi pilihan masyarakat.


  • Menyediakan produk-produk Asuransi Jiwa, Kesehatan dan Dana Pensiun yang inovatif dan kompetitif.
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Talking People into It

I have learned that if you can talk someone into something, some else can talk them out of it. This is important to realize when a team is looking to cast a vision and move forward. 85 more words


An Inspiring Blast of Vikingness with #The BlackRednGreen U12s/13s

An extremely crisp, clear and precipitous morning would greet us as we approached the home of Rugby League in the Southern Heartland of Rugby League. 666 more words


Taking Off Our Hats

Once a month I sit around the table with some top notch leaders. These are people who are making things happen in a specific area through staff, volunteers, content and environments. 141 more words


Reboot Every Day

How we approach each new day is all about the human condition and spirit and how we respond to our fresh beginning.

Every day, there is a special moment for each of us. 955 more words

Enabling Actions

Disparaging Diligence

I have noticed that great teams never disparage diligent effort. They know that one of the main attributes that led their teams to greatness is diligence. 93 more words