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Thank God For Sports: a.k.a., Why Did God Invent Sports?

God likes Baseball. And I think that He’s rooting for the Cubs this year (they’re in first place, right?) God likes football (American) and soccer (football) and basketball. 663 more words


Providing Employees with the Right Tools: An Economic Perspective

In my recent Econ of the Firm class in my MBA program, we discussed certain laws including one of diminishing returns. This law simply states that the value gained from each additional resource obtained will eventually decline after a certain number of resources are obtained; hence it’s not economically feasible to continue purchasing more of that resource since it’s returned value will eventually be less than what the resource costs. 543 more words


The Right Age for a Smartphone? Interesting NY Times Article

Take a few minutes to read What’s the Right Age for a Child to Get a Smartphone? by Brian X Chen. The July 20, 2016 New York Times article includes interviews with Internet Safety experts and contains some advice from other parents. 180 more words

Parents And Technology

Daily Inspiration – July 2016

We see the power of social media also on Boozt and with the Ganni fruit t-shirt Murphy this spring we saw how big influence it can have so with the launch of the new prints the… 47 more words


Different Depths

While it is true that everyone on the team should bond at some level, not everyone should be expected to bond with everyone at the same level. 102 more words


Chapter Nine - Time Well Spent

This is always a strange time of year for me; my birthday is next week which means that summer is almost over… But I could swear I only just arrived not 2 weeks ago! 648 more words


Our intern tells her story...

We always look forward to sharing our stories from the fields of Kenya and Tanzania. Our intern Christine Tran shares her account of why she decided to join Asante Africa Foundation and her experience during the Global Strategy Meeting’2016. 662 more words