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Through the eyes of Riddhi

by Riddhi Nandola*

From my experience, at Dorothy Snot, I can truly say it is an exceptional school. From the first moment to the last, my time spent there was incredible. 327 từ nữa

Dorothy Snot

Glimmer: Within the Trio

“Within the Trio”

by A.M. Lynn

In the tense silence, a tremor passes from each soldier to the next.

“Engage!” Discordant mayhem engulfs the cry. 55 từ nữa


Maisy Plays Football by Lucy Cousins #BookReview

Award winning author Lucy Collins clearly hit a winning formula with her “Maisy” books as they have been around forever.  They have bright illustrations, a clear printed text and simple characters with great easy to remember names. 428 từ nữa

Recommended Reading

Silent Nights II — My First Save

I’m taking a short break from Nocturnal Medicine to reflect on another memorable night from this past November. I only wish I had written about it sooner. 1 083 từ nữa


ExxonMobil, KLCC Convention Centre - April 2018

Exxonmobil – Puppet Master – April 2018

Our team had a blast with the Exxonmobil group as they worked on their Puppeteer skills. The programme – Puppet Master – was held at the KLCC Convention Centre in April with 42 participants who took part in this programme. 218 từ nữa


I am proud to announce the new addition to our Mortgage Loan Officer Team, Kathy Tejeda. We are very happy to have you join on our team and we are very excited to watch you grow and help our South Florida Clientele make homeownership a reality!


You Win Some, You​ Lose Some

This past weekend I was taking photos at an event and I realized that my flash wasn’t working properly and I had a boat cruise to cover the following night so I went to Vistek and rented a… 314 từ nữa