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What I learned on September 4th

One of my coworkers can collect supplies and start an IV in less than three minutes.

One checks in as many patients as me and still does most of the chart prep work before she leaves. 169 more words


Don’t think you have to do everything on your own, if you need help ask for it!

Don’t be afraid to ask because everyone needs a little help with something. 22 more words


Risk Averse

I am a risk averse person, but I am also a change agent. It’s my role on a team. Though those two attributes may seem like they don’t go together, hesitation is often a riskier move than change. 69 more words


Introducing Sync

We know what you are thinking… “Yet another messaging app for the workplace. What’s so different about this one?” Maybe the next thought would be “Why would a job-finding company want to create a messaging application? 336 more words


Work with a Git project in NetBeans (command line version)

Instructions on how to add a Git project (like HIATServer and HIATClient) in NetBeans and work with the code. These instructions refer to the command line use of Git. 101 more words


Set The Tune!

#OrganisationalSuccess101 #HumanDevelopment #PowerOfAgreement #TeamBuilding

Right! You’d get your people working as a Team by having a CLEAR Core Values and Operating Principles.

This clarifies expectation about your organisation’s approach to #Teamwork which releases, encourages and warns employee about the need to work together. 24 more words


Media iQ’s First Hackathon : The Beginning of New Things

On the 21st of August, at 4pm (IST), Bangalore, saw the launch of our very first company Hackathon-HACK iQ.

Over 20 people from Product, Development, R&D and Enterprise joined forces, forming 4 teams with the challenge of building and creating an innovative product within 24 hours. 225 more words