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Nhật ký Maroc. Ngày thứ 9. Chefchaounen.

Thật may là chúng tôi đã quyết định lịch trình chỉ 1 đêm ở Fes, 2 đêm ở Chefchaounen, nên đã có trọn vẹn một ngày dạo chơi trong thành phố xanh xinh đẹp này. 926 từ nữa


#RomanticTuesday Song

When I checked YouTube for this week’s songs I stumbled over this one and made it my Tuesday song right away. How romantic is that when you meet someone and realize that you must have loved that person long before you met them. 42 từ nữa

Song Of The Day


With jewels and delicacies
we Glut our bodies
from skin to bone

While for a single
caress of self love
is yearning every soul!




We glut our houses everyday,
with everything money can buy
While glutted with Hunger on roads,
the needy and the homeless lie


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"The Breakup Song" by Francesca Battistelli

Sick and tired of being sick and tired
Had of much of you as I can take
I’m so done, so over being afraid

I’ve gone through the motions… 313 từ nữa