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Cocktails With Candace Event

On Friday night I had the pleasure of attending Cocktails with Candace at the Elmhurst Art Museum. The art museum was filled with vintage Playboy décor. 186 more words

Let's Talk About Vintage Arcade Games...Again!

There’s just something about old timey video games that keeps drawing me in (and keeps me writing about them – like this time and this other time… 547 more words

Jersey Shore

Playboy Model Xenia Deli Is Definitely Over Justin Bieber After Seeing Her $1 Million Wedding

You may not know her name, but you’ve definitely seen Xenia Deli around. She’s the Playboy model who starred in Justin Bieber’s music video for “What Do You Mean?” and was rumored to have a bit of a romance with the singer. 209 more words


Naked Women "still tremendously popular"

Groundbreaking new research has indicated that, despite recent developments such as The Sun discontinuing the ‘Page 3 Girl’ feature, Playboy magazine abandoning nude ‘playmates’ and the winding up of most printed ‘lad’s mags’, a sizeable quantity of men remain immensely interested in seeing attractive women with nothing on. 147 more words



“So how are you doing with your new girlfriend? What’s her name again?” Jason Mendelssohn- Pierce asked his friend; Luis Perez, swirling his glass of scotch. 327 more words

The Most Embarrassing Band From Each State

I think I started laughing before I even read the article.

Maryland is no big deal. But some are pretty bad.


Love scam

We meet our soulmates in different places. Every love story is individual, and life creates the best movies. No matter did you meet your love in the train, in nightclub or he/she was your neighbor, this is your own magic story and you will tell one day your grandchildren about that, if you are enough lucky to meet person who is worthy. 485 more words