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Sapucaia Velha Reserva da Familia

The cachaça: Sapuciaia Velha Reserva da Familia

 Region: São Paulo – Brazil

Distilled: ca 2004 in copper pot stills

 Bottled: 2014 at 40,5 abv… 126 more words


Dating Bad Boys

No doubt ladies have New Years resolutions they’ve already given up on, involving diet or travel or job or relationships, but one they never seem to choose in the first place is getting over their attraction to rich, handsome, powerful men. 72 more words


Talking writing, life, and a lot fun with "I Cannes" author Deborah Osment

We have survived the crazy weather of the past week, so it’s time to get back to brewing and writing.  Deborah Osment has just published her first novel, … 1 213 more words

13 Absurd and Design-Savvy Vintage Employee Handbooks

Today’s employee manuals just can’t compare to the handbooks of yesterday, with their quaint rules and vintage designs. Corporate rulemakers like Disney and Playboy asked a lot of their employees in order to maintain a strict order and image-focused facade that launched each organization to the top of the pop culture charts. 414 more words

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