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Tuesday morning, our guest on WBZ’s Jay Talking was David Beeber, long time creative/promotions director for WBCN and WFNX. David is also a top collector of popular culture debris, also known as “wicked cool stuff.” His segments on the show were among the best ever and they can be heard via the Jay Talking podcast. 43 more words

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Pornography - Prostitutes' writings

Pornography; printed or visual material containing the sexual content.

Pornography, it’s a controversial subject, but where does it come from? Well, the word anyway. Pornography is word which can be traced back to 1843 in the English language, where it referred, specifically to ‘sexually obscene paintings’, it came from the Greek word ‘pornographos’, which combined two words; ‘porne’ meaning ‘prostitute’, and ‘graphein’ meaning ‘to’ write’. 19 more words


Florida Senator Who Resigned Over Racial Slur Hired Models

A newspaper is reporting that a Florida state senator who resigned this week after using a racial slur hired a former Hooters “calendar girl” and a Playboy model with no political experience to be consultants for his political action committee last year. 99 more words


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I watched a video today
One sent to me by a friend
It was a girl sitting on her bed
Talking about boys

How to move on… 427 more words

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