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Always be brave

May you always be brave and try new things.
Choosing to fly on life’s given wings.

May you know that you can do hard and wondrous tasks, 95 more words

My Life


Cleary some things have to happen. Unavoidable things that are energy sapping. We all face the unknown throughout this lifetime. The goods and bads that claw us on our climb. 63 more words


What a week

I’ve been alone with the kids for 10 day now. My husband has worked overtime and was working last week end as well. Yesterday was a public holiday and he was with the kids and I got some free time but today he’s working again and is gone both day and night. 238 more words


Reviving My Heritage

I have some bad news.

We live in a “throw-away” world.

Most products are cheap and disposable. We buy something, use it a couple of times, and it breaks. 312 more words

Officially published

Hôm nay lúc bon bon trên từng cây số đi đổi giày cho khách mình ghé vào Lò Đúc mua bánh bắp. Bánh bé xinh hình vuông chắc một cạnh dài bằng cái iphone 5s cũ kĩ của mình. 1 196 more words

My Life

these are the 3 thoughts that go threw your mind when take home exam is uttered

As stated earlier on this blog I have a take home exam for my philosophy class. These are the thoughts that you have when the term “take home exam is uttered. 37 more words


Give Thanks [2017/5/23]

Thank You Lord for another day. We are so thankful for every day.

Let us be more thankful every day :D

4631. Thank You Jesus for Tuesday. 237 more words

My Life