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What's in my bag 👜

Hello everyone, hope your all ok.

Well today’s blog is all about what’s inside of my bag, so hear goes.

My bag from a grift from my in laws at Christmas. 218 more words


Sick Day

Today has been the worst Monday of all time. I got up this morning and got ready for school, drove to school, and then pretty much barfed all over my self in the middle of my american history class. 106 more words

Life Sucks

Mum's secret identity

This is a bit late as it’s more about a past Christmas than the current day, but it’s another  treasured memory on our shelf.

On a few occasions we have done up a box of silly gifts for couples under the title of ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’. 188 more words

My Life

A day in my life

Early morning I wake up to the screams of my mother yelling “wake up, you’ll be late for office”(Yes, in India we stay with our parents). 797 more words


My Laziness

I got ill not long after starting the blog, now I chalk that up to bad timing. A few days in bed and I am right as rain. 343 more words


Your life purpose

I have always wondered what my life purpose was. I am not going to save the world, I don’t have a huge talent for painting or any other skills that will give me a purpose. 427 more words

My Life

My Self Harm Story

In 2013 (I think) I self-harmed for the first time and I can’t really remember why. But since then I have self-harmed many more times, too many to count. 227 more words

My Life