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Reflecting on Settling, in a Good Way

Whoa, it’s been eight months since I last posted?! I swear, time seems to go by more quickly the older I get. Is that a normal thing? 727 more words

Health + Wellness

Immaturity at its finest

Taylor and I have a very strange story. So, I guess I’ll start from the beginning.

Where it all started

I couldn’t tell you the exact day or year that we met, but we met at some point during junior high at church. 361 more words

My Life

Reliving the 1960s

Much of the autobiography that I have been reading is coincidentally set in the same era and country as a show that I have been binge watching, Mad Men. 252 more words



Well, a couple weeks in and I have already slipped on one of my resolutions (to post more). I have given up my free writing and given most of my efforts to clubs and magazines at my school. 149 more words

My Life

formed habitats

A simple word. Misunderstood. Often misused. Frankly, it’s a pity. (am i comical?? i find my humor to be hilarious….my hubs claims that he does as well, but honestly reader, i feel for you. 358 more words


Warming up a little

I am not a warm person. At least that is how it seems.

I like people. I’m pretty sure I usually like other people more than they like me. 178 more words

My Life

Bullet Journal

I enjoy using technology – especially when it helps me work more efficiently and effectively. I have noticed that I have the tendency to jump from one task manager app to the next. 203 more words