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Who am I?

Hi, my name is Anne. I am a seventeen years old Dutch high school student and I will graduate soon (hopefully). In the fall I will go to college where I will study biology. 75 more words

About Me

Hello world

My name is Moe and I study IT at Barking and Dagenham college, I am 16 and live in London. I plan to work in the computing and coding fields when I’m older.

My Life

Day #2 - Your Earliest Memory

This is actually quite vivid. One of the little memories I have from very early childhood. I am old enough to remember but young enough to still be in a crib. 364 more words


A New Habit

Hello everyone! My weight loss efforts last week were pretty weak… I was still way too easily seduced by delicious, fatty and unhealthy foods. Time for me to start posting what I eat to semi-shame myself into not reaching for a cookie. 171 more words


Day #1 - Five Problems with Social Media

Where do I even begin?

1) Oblivion. People try their damnedest to acquire the most followers, vie for the most attention (even me) but in the end what will be left of us? 230 more words


Are You Living Your Life?

When you skip work, how do you feel?

Is your day filled with sadness, because you are missing out on what you love doing?

Or are you so happy, you can hardly contain yourself? 226 more words

Personal Development

Climbing Mt. Longonot- Part I

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.” –Tony Robbins

On Saturday 16, 2016 2 pm found me atop Mt. Longonot, on Kilele peak- the highest point on the mountain- with rain and hailstones beating my already tired body from every possible angle, yes even on the soles of my feet. 416 more words

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