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Holiday Memories

Memories are a big part of holidays for me.   In preparation for Thanksgiving, my youngest child removed my mother’s flatware from the storage box and washed it for the holiday meal. 362 từ nữa

My Life

Not sure if I’ll be able to post tomorrow, given all the festivities and whatnot. I will be making a pumpkin french toast casserole tonight (might post the results and recipe to that later!), and then do some bar-hopping with my boyfriend and his social group. 71 từ nữa

I am a Podcaster now! #BlackComicsChat

Before we all die I just want to say…

Yo, I have updates on this dusty ass blog and I know it’s been awhile. I kinda gave up on trying to write about current events in this world because I simply don’t have time to talk about all the bullshit. 322 từ nữa

My Life

Arizona Trip // Visiting Sedona and the Grand Canyon

Back in May, I took a trip to Arizona with my father, and figured that I would document it for your enjoyment.

In this first photo, my father and I just landed in Arizona at around 2 a.m. 2 012 từ nữa

My Life

Thanksgiving Dinner

“Thanksgiving dinners take eighteen hours to prepare. They are consumed in twelve minutes. Half-times take twelve minutes. This is not coincidence.”
― Erma Bombeck

In prior years I have prepared an entire traditional American Thanksgiving dinner by myself.

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This is my first blog post, and I thought a short introduction would be good to start with!

My name is Michelle, I am 18 years old and (at the end of the week, when we’re done moving) I live on the countryside with my husband. 63 từ nữa

My Life