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High Top Converse...

So I only posted yesterday but I thought I would post again as I was feeling in a bloggy mood. So for a while I’ve wanted some new Converse and I finally caved in and got some when my last pay check came in. 189 từ nữa

My Life...

itsy bitsy

this isn’t the original post i wanted to post today but i feel like this little life update is kind of nice and different? it’s been a pretty good week (which is rare, let me tell you) but it just feels like a good way to start the weekend. 709 từ nữa


Hi, Hey, Hello!

Re-charging is important.

It is the most important element of helping me at least deal with my mental health. It’s what my weekends are for. 485 từ nữa


NightLife For Me As A Disabled Person

I am just as capable and am allowed to drink as much as anyone else!

Many people look at disabled people and conform to the reformed stereotype of the word ‘disability.’ 524 từ nữa

My Life

Waving from the Graveyard

I hide because I can’t run. My life does me justice with a few things undone. I see my dad today and hope I can be half as good as he was to his sons. 69 từ nữa

My Life

Sing For Joy St Pancras 1 & 2

Singing beside Sir John who had Parkinsons himself & was very involved in saving St. Pancras from the wrecking ball!

Pershore Station, or A Liverish Journey First Class by John Betjeman… 55 từ nữa


Getting life back to normal

After the crazy spell is over…

All of us go through busy spells in our lives. Though we often talk about it, and feel tired, but in fact we wouldn’t have it any other way. 1 629 từ nữa

My Life