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My Virginity

*Warning: The following post is a hot, steaming mess. Please proceed with caution*

I’ve been thinking about him lately. I refer to this particular boy as  596 more words

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Parking Lot Rendezvous

It had been a tough work week. I wanted to get out of the house but still have an early night. The forecast called for rain. 378 more words

My Life

One Step Away From Becoming Recluse

This past Friday I made my quarterly trip to the Norwich Spa. I try to go here every few months when my mind feels a little jumbled, and use it as a day to recharge and reenergize. 569 more words

My Life

What Have I Been Up To?

I haven’t written a post (except that post about my dream) since April 6. What have I been doing for the last three weeks? Basically working my butt off for two classes that have me feeling underwhelmed. 354 more words

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In Search of Gezelligheid

In Search of Gezelligheid

An international kid, a Third Culture Kid (TCK), a Global Nomad; these are but a few of the terms that define my “lifestyle” thus far…fleeting, temporary, and in a constant state of movement. 684 more words


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My Life

June + Faith Dedication

Last weekend, Charlie and I dedicated June and Faith at our church, Area 10. For those of you not familiar with a baby dedication, it’s when parents vow, before God, our families, and church, that we’ll raise our children according to Biblical principles. 276 more words

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