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Too Much Of A Good Thing

I think that most people in the northeast of the US would agree that one snow day is great. Two snow days? Awesome! But countless snow days without a full week of school for more than a month? 55 more words



Hey everyone! Sorry for not posting anything lately, it’s been a hard few days. On Sunday, I broke my arm. And I’ve never broken anything in my body before, so it’s kind of a new and very painful experience for me. 268 more words

College Life

Oh How I want you to know me...

“But oh how I want you to know me
Oh how I want you to know me
Oh how I wish I was somebody else, baby… 68 more words

Personal Journey

Hello World!

Gosh I must say this semester has been one of the busiest ones yet. I have a lot of stuff going on, but a while ago I had made an attempt at posting an essay done a while ago for class… Well it didn’t like the switch in to WordPress haha so now I have to go through each and every source and change it to MLA from Chicago style and what not. 280 more words

My Life

How I Treat a Cold

So you woke up today and your kid has a runny stuffy nose. You feel their forehead and there might be a fever there. That’s right you are about to deal with a cold. 393 more words

My Life


I made some cupcakes for not so long ago. I made chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting and I also blend it with some green and red color to match with the marzipan decoration. 18 more words

My Life

Better wait for tomorrow!

I got some really, really good news today, and tomorrow I will share the news with you!

I can just say I am extremely happy and extremely excited!! 13 more words