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Thanksgiving, Twenty One Pilots, Tokyo Ghoul...

HELLO WORLD! hahaha 

Sorry, I’ve been lazy to update. (I did say on my about me page that I’ll only write when I’m bored.)

Soo, thanksgiving was two days ago and all I gotta say is that this thanksgiving break was kind of okay. 307 more words

My Life

Stress Relief for the Fashionista- Closet 101

My stress went down two notches after tackling this project. No joke. Organize your closet and find BLISS.

I always thought I would be so lucky to have a walk in closet when I moved into my first real place. 1 388 more words

Lisa Southorn

Send in your questions

Hey everyone! Please send in your questions for a Q&a that I’m going to do. You can ask me anything you want. I’ll do it hopefully soon! 7 more words

My Life

Black Saturday

A 1pm sun in the sky at this time of year doesn’t bring itself up high enough to touch half of the city. A few steps from my door was a patriotic offering from nature. 388 more words


Vision of myself in a light-filled apartment, running a knits shop

I just started playing a classical playlist on and went out of my body for a second, imagining this scene for a first time because this music’s unlike what I normally listen to. 341 more words


Another Poem About Depression

I always wonder, when I start to talk, what I’m going to talk about. My friends will tell you common topics I often breach.

I’m gay, so talking about girls is an everyday thing. 1 041 more words


Lukewarm Living

We’ve been off of work for the past few days. For the holidays and such, and it’s left me with some interesting down time. Too much down time I think, because I can’t stop thinking–about the fact that I’m… 1 694 more words

My Life