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A little piece of crap..

I never had expected my life would get such changes….

Though deep in heart I prayed everyday for a change.

From all the interaction till last few months I got myself to believe – 599 more words

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Lost in the Emotional Abyss...

Lately, my dreams have been telling me many things. I don’t recall them ever being as vivid as they are now. May things I forgot all about, have come up in my dreams. 500 more words

My Life

Courage to Accept Failure

This one is another one my courage series where I explore the courage needed for doing/accepting things which are seemingly ordinary to others in the world. 945 more words

My Life

Sharp Words

Sometimes things go beneath the surface. Digging deep and striking nerves,forever marking memories touching our heart in all the wrong places.



I Just Want Everything to End

I just watched you go

I just realized it was easy

It was easy to leave me

It was easy not to cling on
I pulled you closer… 94 more words

My Life

Growing Up as a Fantasy Writer

Today’s post is a little bit long and personal, but please bear with me. Please…?

I am a fantasy writer. I always have been. Other than short stories, I have never written a single piece that didn’t involve swords and sorcery, heroes and villains, and a bookload of ridiculously epic scenes. 1 286 more words


#1810 - The First Day


Officially, today is my first day with my new job in Amsterdam. Yeay for no longer being unemployed. But boo for my sabbatical month is now over :( . 1 356 more words

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