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#100happydays Day 15

I would never have described myself as an animal person

I liked cats but that is mostly because they don’t really give a shit

I have had animals on and off for years but have always been the one saying that animals are not people too, they are animals. 157 more words

My Life


Why is it in life that the most commonplace, simple, everyday things are the most tragic? Death. Breakups. Goodbyes. I’m just sitting here amazed thinking of how the most heartbreaking things humans can endure are painstakingly common. 317 more words

Don't Lose Confidence!

Monday and Tuesday I was feeling down and overwhelmed. I didn’t think I could keep going through all these life situations (loneliness, lack of direction, feeling unloved, nothing going write in my life) being thrown at me. 490 more words

My Life

Hey I'm Bay...


I feel so awkward writing to basically no one at this point… but hey why not!

So first off my name is Bayleigh… I had to add my name to the dictionary years ago, but everyone calls me Bay. 639 more words


What is natural beauty?

Have you ever noticed that villains are often ugly? (Well until recently when all the monsters started being really attractive). Ever notice that no matter how nice and sweet Hunchback was, he still lost Esmereda to the pretty boy? 492 more words

My Life