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In search of a manual.

I have the arduous task of fixing all of the power equipment around the house. There’s like 12 pieces of outdoor power equipment I own and 3 dozen manuals. 456 từ nữa

My Life

Convo With Tiffany Amber

Here’s the audio for the conversation Tiffany Amber and I had!

You can follow her on Instagram and on Twitter.  Add her on Snapchat by using the Snapcode found below! 35 từ nữa

My Life

A Summary of Year 12

Wow! I have finished my first year of A levels and have completed my AS levels. It’s kind of crazy to be honest, I still have not got use to telling people my A level options. 639 từ nữa

My Life

Well at the earlier months of 2017, I told myself that this is the year, the year where I finally try to pan my future out, goals and ambition. 342 từ nữa

My Life

Give Thanks [2017/7/15]

Thank You Jesus for a blessed Saturday.

Let us always be more thankful every day :D

Thank You Jesus for waking me up.
Thank You God for my room. 203 từ nữa

My Life

Time Out

I used to hate it when my parents put me in “time out” as a kid. Sitting and doing nothing felt like torture when all I wanted to do was play. 417 từ nữa

First Week Pics

So if you read my earlier Blog post where I talked about getting serious about weight loss. You’ll remember I mentioned if I was going to post pictures or not. 32 từ nữa

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