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Waiter, There's Gold In My Soup

So, tonight I went out to HopCat with the dance team. I arrived about a half hour into dinner, so everyone had already ordered and was still waiting for their meals. 164 từ nữa

Family weekend

These two ♥♥ At the moment having so much fun together and are mostly happy and easy peasy (will probably change tomorrow because I just said that… hehe!). 128 từ nữa


California Dreamin'

Hello to all the nosy people that want to know what I’ve been doing lately.  I’ve been doing a lot since the last time I posted on my blog. 276 từ nữa

Same discussion one more time!

Shall love be suffocating or liberating? Specially love from my parents. Should their worries for me, a child to them, put barricades on my passion? From past few months, during which and still, I am trying to follow what I think is best for me as career. 232 từ nữa


Feeling free has become a burden,

For drug doses you provided to them cannot be overridden.

Doses that make you vulnerable to be their weakness, 247 từ nữa


Weekends in the Burbs

For those of you following along, B and I are officially suburbanites. We traded in our downtown apartment for a house in the ‘burbs a month or so ago, and while we still have much to do to get it ready (including some more painting and 2 bathrooms to finish), it’s coming along. 412 từ nữa

My Life


Hi !  Renxkyoko Iglesias here , hello !  * waves *

I’m calling this post chopsuey because I have nothing specific in mind…… just a mixed bag of  stuff  that’s on my mind at the moment. 413 từ nữa

Random Thoughts