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Why I Hold My Baby A Lot

As a new mom, one thing you’re never short on is advice. If advice and sleep could trade places motherhood would be a breeze. Seriously, I’ve never had so many people tell me how to live my life. 493 more words

My Life

No One Wants Me To Move On

I feel trapped because I want to move on, but when no one has any faith in you  can only get so far.  I need to figure out how to impress people.  114 more words

My Life

Not A Case of the Mondays

Day 7 (Monday)

Nothing like I’d expected. I didn’t expect to walk into work and tell my mom, “The computer system isn’t working correctly.” I definitely didn’t expect to sit on conference calls for eight hours after that, researching additional computer issues and compiling evidence. 539 more words


Hot Lovers & Freedom united

I am really lucky for having the boyfriend that I have, but sometimes I still ask myself if there isn’t a needle hidden under this whole perfection. 930 more words


Act Your Age

The image on my post is of Bette Davis and Gary Merrill in ” All About Eve.” This film was about a middle-aged actress being undermined by a younger, inexperienced competitor and how Hollywood treats “older” actresses. 483 more words


Astaghfirullah ... Lebih Enak Punya Klien Non-Muslim!

Hari ini jadwal saya padat karena pagi hari memenuhi undangan seminar dan workshop yang diselenggarakan oleh SMERU Research Institute yang tentu tak bisa saya lewatkan mengingat saya seperti sudah memiliki hubungan emosional dengan SMERU serta orang-orang di dalamnya. 459 more words


Friendships and People - I can't do this anymore

I shouldn’t do friends or people at all, I’m so bad at it, that I always just seem to fuck it up. I can’t trust anyone and I don’t think I ever will be able to. 178 more words

My Life