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Love is a Fickle Thing 

Love is a fickle thing.
It can make your heart sing
or it can make your heart ache,
but never is it a mistake.

There is never a warmer feeling… 97 more words


How my reasons to home school evolved

It all started on a whim….you know, I read about homeschooling and I liked the idea of having the children (than only 1) at home with me and teaching them myself.   741 more words

My Life


I hadn’t gotten a haircut in four months. In the last couple weeks crafting and reading were ignored. I’ve been sleeping an average of 11 hours a night. 407 more words


Meet Kayden, a gorgeous boy who is constantly smiling no matter what life has thrown at him. This cheeky chappy is one awesome dude and he deserves the world. 226 more words


Give Thanks [2016/12/2]

Thank You Lord for blessing me so much. Thank You for being with me in all times. I will always praise You :D

  1. Thank You Jesus for the heart for Israel.
  2. 145 more words
My Life

Sweet Little Jesus Boy

Today’s Word: Isaiah 53

We ignored Jesus when He was here, yet He never changed His mind about us. He was treated poorly when He walked on this Earth,  yet if the events of Jesus’ life and death hadn’t taken place, we would have no hope. 253 more words

My Life

The Inverter Saga

Chapter 7

I think they are the wrong gauge.

It was a delicious lunch: Maytag Chips. Home made potatoes chips topped with queso blanco and crumbled blue cheese. 20 more words