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An Indian Experience: Day 40

Day 40

August 21, 2016

Clapping and Howling

The end was today. The Closing Ceremony. I think the only thing I’ll remember about the closing ceremony for years to come is the clapping and howling, especially of the people behind me. 281 more words

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About Me

Born in South Africa, raised in Portugal and completed my studies in Dublin. From everything I have learnt and everything that i have become: I am hard working, ambitious, creative, honest and loyal. 99 more words

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Puppy Love ♥

Hey loves! :D
So, just now, I remembered something. One of my followers (Nancy Drew) told me a long time ago that she wanted to see a picture of my dog Chewie. 130 more words

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Monthly Goals: August Progress

Hi everyone! It seems like just yesterday I was writing blog post sharing my monthly goals for August with you all, and now it is almost September and time for me to update you on the progress I made on my goals for this month! 895 more words

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Parenthood, Rio and other things on my mind

The last 3 weeks of my life have been what I would call an emotional roller coaster. Parenthood is so different now that I have a walking, talking tornado named Cub in my house. 386 more words

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Có câu :”Con gái là mối tình của cha.” Nhưng chắc sẽ chẳng bao giờ tôi có cái diễm phúc ấy. Buồn thật. Cái cảm giác mình tồn tại mang chẳng ý nghĩa gì với người ta, đau lòng lắm… Cứ ngỡ rằng khi lớn lên mọi chuyện sẽ khác. 86 more words

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