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My Life

Dieting ~ it's easy, right?

I loathe the word diet, it speaks to me of deprivation, misery and irritation. I start salivating at the sight and smell of all food stuffs, whether I like it or not, it’s ridiculous. 869 more words

My Life

pharmacy journey

idk, i dont write in my blogspot for almost 3 year. now i want to update my current life. i’m currently in my third year of pharmacy in university science malaysia. 118 more words


Working space

It’s raining outside, you stand next to the pantry with a cup of coffee in your hand, and from far admiring your messy working table with your tired eyes. 10 more words

My Life

rapping it up - April 22, 2017

Alright friends I am done blogging for the day! Tomorrow promises more good news, more chances to smile and more facts, quotes, and birthdays. So, do what you do well and send on a smile! 18 more words

My Life

The love of your life

The sky is clear and the sun start to shine. The heat touch your skin. Your eyes catch a glimpse of him walking in jeans. He wins. He makes your eyes twinkling.

My Life


You rise from the bed and sit up straight thinking. This is it another morning. You look out the window everyone is rushing. In a minute you will be part of the grouping. 25 more words

My Life