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Me nombraron  Ricardo Javier y nací en el 1998 y me crié en la bella isla de Puerto Rico, cuento con 19 años de experiencia educacional, familiar y natural. 139 từ nữa


I'll admit it

I hate Hawkeye Pierce.  I hate his self-righteous, annoying pronouncements.  I hate his laugh.   I hate everything about him.   I hate BJ Honeycutt, too.    I wish he’d take his crying ass back to his stupid wife and kid and shut the hell up.  108 từ nữa

My Life

Mark Your Calendar For The Villa Rose Quilt Show 2018

If you’re in the area…

I will have a booth at this intimate quilt show next month.

Come see the quilts, learn about barn quilts and do a little quilt shopping as well! 31 từ nữa

My Life

Road Trips ...

I love to take road trips. I’m not really sure why exactly. If I’m not driving them or my road trip partner isn’t, then I’m reading someone else’s Blog about them driving on their road trip! 1 007 từ nữa

My Life

The Closest Aunt I Have Has Lung Cancer

Before I begin to type up this blog….


Just incase my Aunt Nanette, does by chance reads this…because we are “friends on Facebook”, where everything is liked and shared as we express ourselves toward the world around us. 329 từ nữa

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Chinese New Year Celebration/Poster Award

Ok, so, last month, (around 1/13), I entered a Chinese New Year Poster Contest, hosted by ANCCS. (Association for Northen California Chinese Schools)

Last Sunday, (2/11) was the Award Ceremony. 246 từ nữa

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