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Five Anime That Need to be Revived

Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket ended on the fourth volume of the manga it was based on. Four out of 23 manga volumes. The anime barely covered a quarter of this beloved shoujo fantasy, and despite its immense worldwide popularity, it never got a second season to continue where it left off, to the disappointment of many. 595 more words


Dawning Memories: Introduction

‘Dawn: the beginning of the day, the beginning of something brand new and exciting, the beginning of a different chapter in my life. Dawn, my favorite time of day as it back colors to the night sky. 812 more words


Question of the Day: Colors of the Wind~

Hello all to a wonderful Friday or Saturday depending on what part of the world you’re in. So, I used to ask a “question of the day” on my older blog because I’m a naturally curious person and it’s fun to create larger discussions from the simplest things. 635 more words

A KHR Mini Script: Marshmallow Cannon

Tsuna: Er, LLM-san….What’s that?

LLM: (beaming) A marshmallow cannon.

Sora: (alarmed) A what now?

LLM: Marshmallow Cannon! It turns whatever you point at it into a marshmallow version of it. 62 more words

(KHR! djs) Suteki ni Youki na Bokutachi wa (Eng)

Title: Suteki ni Youki na Bokutachi wa
Circle: Bureico

Raw: dicks
Translator: 懷安 & nikazemaru
Cleaner: nikazemaru
Typesetter: AIGV Team

Download Link: LiveJournal