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Best Anime Recommendation for newbies


Welcome to my first ever blog. I am here to discuss and recommend 5 anime that are meant for newbies or new to anime world who want to start watching anime yet have no idea what to watch first. 1 196 từ nữa

Tutte le parole del mondo - Fanfiction

L’Uomo in Blu è una leggenda moderna, un uomo misterioso che appare in un paesino del Sorrentino per rendere omaggio a una lapide senza nome nè fotografia. 72 từ nữa


[Inktober] Prompt 3 - Poison

I’m cutting it a bit close this day omg.

Anyways, day 3, I ended up with Bianchi from Katekyo Hitman Reborn. She’s Gokudera Hayato’s half-sister, incredible assassin who kills with her poisoned cooking, hence her alias, “ 196 từ nữa


Day 10 - Favorite Fighter Anime

Next up on our list, is What’s your Favorite Fighter Anime?

Now, this is a pretty straightforward and simple challenge. If we are pertaining to this challenge are we talking about a fighter as in Martial Arts or Grappling? 421 từ nữa


Because This Is My Character


Usually, anime fans always connect themselves to characters in other anime. Whether it’s the look of his face, his personality, or what he likes. 407 từ nữa


Appeal {Adult! Reborn}

Anime: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Pairing: Reader x Adult! Reborn
Genre: Fluff, Romance

“You know, Reborn…” You started, looking at a picture of Reborn in his baby form. 129 từ nữa

★ All Writing

139 Dreams ☁ 4th Dream {Trivial - Skull}

☁Adult! Skull☁

You didn’t understand it.

Skull was always loud and hyper when he was around Reborn and everyone else, always yelling about how he wasn’t Reborn’s lackey and how, one day, he’d get his revenge. 747 từ nữa

★ All Writing