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Question of the Day: Colors of the Wind~

Hello all to a wonderful Friday or Saturday depending on what part of the world you’re in. So, I used to ask a “question of the day” on my older blog because I’m a naturally curious person and it’s fun to create larger discussions from the simplest things. 635 more words

A KHR Mini Script: Marshmallow Cannon

Tsuna: Er, LLM-san….What’s that?

LLM: (beaming) A marshmallow cannon.

Sora: (alarmed) A what now?

LLM: Marshmallow Cannon! It turns whatever you point at it into a marshmallow version of it. 62 more words

(KHR! djs) Suteki ni Youki na Bokutachi wa (Eng)

Title: Suteki ni Youki na Bokutachi wa
Circle: Bureico

Raw: dicks
Translator: 懷安 & nikazemaru
Cleaner: nikazemaru
Typesetter: AIGV Team

Download Link: LiveJournal


IDEAS: Hitman Reborn! Game Slides

So if you take a lil’ scroll down the blog you’ll stumble upon an article I wrote about my ideas for a game based on the Katekyo Hitman Reborn series. 59 more words