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Praise God for the Music Ministry Retreat Experience!

I already went through a formal trainings for music long time ago. But this workshop retreat just reminded me how important my talent and how will I use this for God’s glory. 553 more words


My Festival Experience: V Festival 2016

Hello there! As I’m writing this, I’m sat in my boyfriend’s room whilst he’s gone to work and left me with no wifi. It’s the day after V Festival, and wow what an experience! 1 121 more words


What is Consciousness?

This is why the other aspects involving conspiratorial operations, life-forms and technology is only scratching the surface.

THIS is what was discovered. We think we are the projection, the movie that is being played. 291 more words

Reality And Consciousness

Life's Inbox

I have two primary mailboxes. One my official and another my person email ID. I get a lot of emails on both everyday. And everyday my target is to clear my inbox. 514 more words


Day 62 (ish)

I started posting this last night, I actually wanted to upload a video, but for whatever reason the video plays upsidedown. I don’t understand. So I just went with this picture. 66 more words

No Filter


A while ago a friend introduced me to a website featuring various audio files ( Sounds of people fucking, masturbating or stories matched with noises. 281 more words