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'We Went To Thailand' A Vimeo Staff Travel Film

Vimeo Content + Community Manager Mark Cersosimo recently made the pilgrimage to Thailand where he recorded his experiences and chopped them together to create this gem of a video. 43 more words


Full Moon in Virgo

As this Full Moon releases all that it is has gathered;

May this World find Peace,

And may every Heart experience Joy!


Last winter,

I dared to enter the unknown forest

I was in awe with its desolate beauty,

Hypnotised and comforted by its eerie mystery

I delved in deeper… 82 more words

Why People Like Us Should Be The Ones To Represent Us

During a conversation with a friend, we came upon the question of whether one needs to be LGBT+ to represent the LGBT+ community. Their immediate response was: “What do you mean by represent?” I had to admit I didn’t really know. 723 more words


When Should You Refresh Your IT Infrastructure? (Part #2)

Yesterday, on this post, I mentioned one of two cents about my opinion on when to consider any refresh in IT infrastructure.

So… continuing… 301 more words


Daily Ride - Paris motor taxi

Weaving through traffic in Paris – very impressive! Check out the folks who fly by at 1:54


A little about the train journey.

When it comes down to the topic ‘train’, every Indian has to have at least one stirring experience. Especially, of the local trains.

Even the express train travel has its own charm. 541 more words