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White Light, Black Sands, Shifting Ideas

‘My top 6 exercises:  1. jumping to conclusions 2. flying off the handle 3. carrying things to far 4. dodging responsibilities 5. pushing my luck 6. 381 more words

Thinking In Patterns

I Decided to Join Fasting with the Other Muslims

I have an IMPORTANT announcement!

I decided to join fasting with my household assistant–since she appears to be a Muslim. Even though myself appears to be a Catholic, I really want to experience fasting defer to Islamic.

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Diary's Entries

A roller coaster we've all experienced!

Are you in the same boat as me by not being able to find a new job? I completely feel your frustration, anger, eagerness, sadness, etc. 410 more words


Vrindavan: Radhe Radhe - Guest Post by Shivendra

If you are planning to visit Vrindavan, I’m sure you have love for Lord Krishna & Radhe in your heart or you have an eye to appreciate the beauty of magnificent, ancient and deeply revered temples. 1 144 more words


Bon Iver State of Mind

When I think of you

I think of love

I think of laughter 62 more words


Don't date a PSYCHOLOGY Dude

My professor once told us, “Be careful in dating a psychology major.”

I was left hanging by the statement and questioned why I should be careful with them. 553 more words

Why don't we talk about death?

Today we found out that one of our dearest family members has cancer. Yes that dreaded C word. The same C word and it’s associated terms that have become such a well-known part of our every day vernacular. 228 more words