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Five Things To See In Iceland (Blue Lagoon NOT On This List)

Sarah Gerrity is the art director behind Cava Grill, a Mediterranean healthy fast-casual concept based out of Washington, DC. When she’s not photographing food for work, you can find her in a spin or yoga class, scoping out flight deals, or floating in a clear body of water somewhere across the world. 

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Introducing Me

Hi everyone, 

I’d just like to begin by thanking you for coming over here to read my blog. I’m very new to this and so it’s quite scary to try it out but very exciting at the same time as I’ve always wanted to kick up the nerve to be able to do it without letting my doubts get the better of me. 837 more words


Dear Apple.

Note: this is not something to do with Taylor Swift’s message to Apple that was making headlines a long while back. This is just something to go with for my May challenge as well as expressing my thoughts towards the company. 439 more words


My Cryptic Love - Part I

Tangled was I, pondering over phi (φ) & psi (ψ);

Lost I was, in looming & mirage;

Wandering in turmoil in search of my fate, 230 more words


20 and wasting time

“You never know until you try”—a quote that motivates our sense of adventure, our curiosity, but (ironically) traps us in its philosophy. For me, I the quote is true (to an extent), but not one that I’d live by. 340 more words

The Paradox of Parenting

“But I tell you the truth: It is for your good that I am going away.” ~John 16:7

On Tuesday morning, when my son woke up and I went in to get him out of bed, he reached out his arms to me.

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Asexual part 2

So I figured out I am asexual myself now in this sexed up society . Many people who don’t know what asexual is..

Asexual: a person who doesn’t desire sex or interested in sex. 496 more words