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The last Supper

Sunday 21st January

I woke up and thought I was dying, I’ve never had such a bad hangover, goon was a bad idea! I’m sure I’ll be drinking it again soon though. 288 từ nữa


Life skills

Saturday 20th January

Today I actually had a lay in, I managed to sleep in until 9am rather than the 06:30! Had a quick bite to eat for breakfast and then headed down down to Paddy’s Market, which is in central Sydney. 560 từ nữa


We are a TRY away !!

What I have learnt in my life, from my experiences is that- whatever it is, we are pursuing we will definitely get obstacles, challenges, sometimes failures. 123 từ nữa

Experience And Reflection

Time & Karma

I am going to share an experience today. This incident actually happened with a very close friend of mine.

We are office friends and share our daily routines, fights with hubby, share our kids activities with each other, daily lunch in office,  family stories and all. 605 từ nữa


Age is just a Number

I have so much respect for those in the later stages of their lives who still get out and about. My lovely Grandma, Dolly, was a great example of this determined and independent spirit and was able to live in her own flat into her late nineties. 179 từ nữa