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Electric Forest

June 24th – 28th, 2015

Electric Forest, 2015 was one of the first biggest trips I took. This adventure, just like most of mine, was unplanned. 212 từ nữa


3as Around The World: Nathanaël Ruestchmann, Stage universitaire

Par Justine Guérineau

Pour sa troisième année, Nathanaël Ruestchmann, ancien président de l’association Drama’Thalia, a choisi l’option du stage à l’étranger. Le Sundial Press est parvenu à le contacter, malgré les douze heures de décalage horaire entre la France et la Nouvelle-Zélande. 2 143 từ nữa

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Keeping Your Word is Gold

Don’t underestimate human memory.

I have a great memory especially when it has to do with other people’s behavior.

I recall how they treated me, what their attitude was, how they reacted to something, and what they said. 538 từ nữa


Sunset Sailing on the Honi Olani

One of the best parts about working in Hawaii is the aloha spirit that everyone here shares.

The awesome weather and the beautiful sunsets are great too, don’t get me wrong, but having people that are friendly and gracious goes a long way in allowing you to really enjoy the time you spend in the islands. 137 từ nữa


​I REST MY DRESS (VII)  -  by Lateef A. Sanni

Welcome back!

It’s been so much love showed since the official launch and while I can’t thank you enough, it can only get better.

Guess what? 1 497 từ nữa


Evento: Learning Experience Design 2018

El día martes 14 de noviembre, participé como facilitador en el Learning Experience Design 2018 (LXD 2018). En este, nos reunimos con varios profesionales de áreas de capacitación de diversas empresas del sector público y privado, en una suerte de conversatorio cuyos objetivos eran discutir: (i) las tendencias actuales en el rubro y (ii) generar nuevas ideas para la realidad específica de cada una de las empresas en las que laboran. 2 778 từ nữa

Tristia: L'Esilio della Ragione

Io sono una persona che osserva il mondo da sempre, il fenomeno della vita in tutti i suoi aspetti, il web non è altro che il vaso di Pandora, che rende possibile la visualizzazione concreta di quanto prima non era possibile immaginare con precisione. 785 từ nữa

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