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Brunch at the Farmacy

Last week I had the most amazing brunch at a restaurant on East 11th St. called Hillside Farmacy. Everything on their menu looked delicious and it made me want to come back for lunch or dinner. 111 more words


Omowashe Omorishe#13

“Peju you’ve got to choose a gown,” I scolded her.
“We have been to all but one wedding dress shop on both the island and mainland, and you are yet to get a gown of your choice. 2 172 more words

Book Series

Our modern context

The most defining property of modernity, according to sociologist Anthony Giddens, is that we are disembedded from time and space. In pre-modern societies, space was the area in which one moved, time was the experience one had while moving. 38 more words

Writing Block

unpack the fear, pack respect

Before to commence an adventure outside the comfort zone it is essential to work on those stereotypes, fears and inner issues you have. Do it because they will be barriers which will not allow you embrace the full experience you are almost starting. 559 more words


True Colours

I’m probably going to take this down later but it’s 1.53 A.M and if you know me in real life, you’ll know that any kind of conversation you have with me now will most likely be specked with flickers of sincere honesty and filled with raw emotions. 1 019 more words


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An Unorthodox Hair Journey

Let’s jump in straight to a biggie, one I’m super enthusiastic about.

At the end of March this year, I shaved off all my hair. A number two, all over, bam, gone. 581 more words