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Favourites are Impermanent

For the longest time my favourite book was Jurassic Park.  It was dry in sections, but DINOSAURS!!  Growing up in love with the  film the way I did really got me excited about getting to explore the park in more detail.   386 more words


Sometimes I Feel As If I'm Dissolving

Sometimes I feel as if I am dissolving, as if everything I ever knew is falling down around me and I sit there staring at the matrix of the universe, the fabric of everything and I am looking at nothing. 200 more words

Recent Randomness

Saying Goodbye to Watsriuppalaram School

The last six and a half weeks have just flown by! It seems like only yesterday I was nervously meeting my teacher for the first time and having a mini panic attack about teaching children who spoke no English at all! 351 more words


Why asking “why” when we still feel comfortable with our current situation.

It is better to pretend that we do not know why it is happened to us than looking for the reason why it is happened. 111 more words


Most Frequent Factors Affecting Performance in Website Design

The net has become our lives. Modern guy depends with an excellent diploma online for all his evening to day steps. Like talking to big-business, you start with small jobs provides having a pal is conducted via the net. 535 more words


Special - Strange things did Happen here

Are you, are you,
reading this new tweet?
Yes is the answer, because strange things did happen here. :D 321 more words


Gift Idea: Escape to Flowerdale Estate - Yarra Valley

Nestled comfortably in Victoria’s gorgeous wine country between Yarra Valley and Kilmore, Flowerdale Estate is a country escape from Melbourne with a luxuriously relaxing twist. Offering a range of activities and facilities to their guests, you will have ample opportunity to soak in this blissful atmosphere. 172 more words

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