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Connectivity and Engagement

A few recommendations related to business, networking, connectivity, engagement:

Be the most connected,

Hardest working,

Fastest responding,

Proactively communicating,

Actively networking,

Self learning,

Team oriented, 27 more words



Whenever I take fitness into my own hands, I have a lot of struggles. Mostly because I find my self wanting to maintain a balance between how I should feel about myself and what I want to look like. 261 more words


Here's why Facebook should buy Twitter


The suitors fell one by one. Disney. Alphabet. Salesforce.

Now, it seems no one wants to buy Twitter.

There is an obvious solution, though, and it would create a perfect new product. 1 095 more words

Money Matters


You know how they often say ,

” Don’t worry !

It’s just a test ”

You know what I truly believe?

Scripture is clear that God knows the end from the beginning , 96 more words

What Happiness Inside book has Done to My Life?

Kalau ditanya tentang hobi sih saya pastinya menjawab membaca! Sebetulnya saya bukan tipikal anak kutu buku yang sangat memperhatikan teoristik apalagi mapel sekolah, that’s totally not me… 1 338 more words

Developing for VR

Yesterday I started the development phase of my FMP using the HTC Vive; already I’m running into issues with the motion controllers. My main issue right now is getting the models I’ve created, to represent the controllers, aligned with the actual controllers in the way I want them to; it’s not a huge problem, but it’s still a problem worth noting as it will take some effort to fix. 42 more words


Christmas Countdown Day 3 Make Memories

Christmas is a very busy season for many and it is easy to get caught up in everything that we have to do to get ready.   120 more words

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