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are you a toxic person? (hot! quote)

“Do you use others as an excuse to keep your pain alive? Do you fictionalize, exaggerate, and form conclusions using just your limited perception? Is there always someone to blame for the way you feel? 27 more words


Jr. High Art Statement

Jr. High Art Statement
art fiction series, continued.
date: 52916

Oh it’s late in the Month.  (Adult I am now.)
I know I’m fine, but don’t Hate for it. 387 more words


A humble man gone, but never forgotten...

The thing I remember most about my Dad was his humble, compassionate nature. He was the kind of person that would give the shirt off of his back to a stranger if it looked like they needed it. 431 more words

Experiencing the REALM, University at Buffalo

The number of options a a student gets to engage in University at Buffalo (UB) is great. The REALM Experience is one such. REALM stands for… 550 more words

Live Life  in the Questions 

Hello welcome to rachnotes blog . You are most welcome!

I love discovering a thought that captures me and holds me drawing me to consider its ways. 1 113 more words

Faith Perspective


This is something I wrote just before Christmas last year. I didn’t post it on this blog then but, as I have been thinking again recently about the meaning of home, I thought I would post it here now. 832 more words

Past Landscape

Don't Be Too Sure

An English bitter is mellow
an Oregon bitter is intense
the bitter of spring and fall
where there are real seasons
makes sense to us all. 97 more words