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That time I bungee jumped...

In the spirit of my 25 before 25 (and so that I have somehow kept my word), here is my post about bungee jumping in Uganda, filled with the obligatory photos of me looking like a badass. 600 more words


There is a light that burns so bright

Its luminescence floods the night

It is the light that knowledge brings

Into our lives where freedom rings. 53 more words


Thinking bout dem girls

I wonder if girls ever know how truly beautiful they can seem.

A smile that brightens up the room so much that there is no need for light bulbs. 46 more words


Danish Days

Time flies when you are happy and busy but clock doesn’t move when you are sad and lonely.

you are leaving me Alone here”, My girl friend told in the sad tone. 1 216 more words


Auntsane Volume 1

We all have a crazy family member where we just wonder, “What in the world happened to make them lose any sort of thought process?” Well, if you don’t, then I am honestly envious of you. 299 more words


The Ultimate Comfort of Mercedes S Class

Minggu ini saya mendapat kesempatan naik Mercedes Benz S Class. Bukan punya saya tentunya, tapi layanan antar jemput sebuah hotel tempat saya menginap di Bangkok beberapa hari terakhir. 190 more words




I’m back from Batam for two days already so I think I should probably blog about it before my not so “first-hand” memory fades. This is my first time going to Indonesia. 1 723 more words