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Mamita told the Cleaning Lady that Mexicans are lazy

And she’s Mexican. I was on the phone outside. I didn’t hear what Mamita actually told her, only what followed.

Mamita said that not only did the cleaning lady disagree with her, she thinks it’s not the Mexicans but the Americans that the lazy ones. 472 more words

What made me happy this week

Well…this week was nothing special…

I searched for a job and had my two days of trialworking at the agency.  22 more words


Where To Go To Now

These days, people are more reluctant to travel just for self-indulgence.  Rather, they travel for purpose and look for more meaningful and enriching life experiences that will add value to their personal and family life. 193 more words

The Influence of Details

There are some scenes on this planet too beautiful to believe, and you have to look again and again to soak it all in. Whenever I stumble upon this type of beautiful scene, I wish I could jump out of the truck and just let it drive on so I could sit alone and look out at a world untouched by modern technology. 374 more words


Welcome to school Mr. Ma'am

Today is my first day of school. It’s dark outside and a dense layer of fog blankets the sleepy city. I wake up hours before I need to leave my apartment. 893 more words


And so, I quit (one of my jobs that is)

If you’re wondering where I’ve been, well. I was busy working then quitting one of my jobs.

I’d explored the perks of having two or more jobs… 265 more words


We're all in the same boat: What it's really like to work on a Cruise Ship - Part 1

You run out to the open decks and breathe in the fresh, invigorating sea air. The strong wind whips your hair into a frenzy and you feel the rocking of the boat as the bright azure ocean carries you to the shore. 978 more words