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It's Okay Not To Be Okay.

Being a woman in 21st century America means I am very fortunate. I have a high school diploma, I am attending university, and I have many more opportunities that women in other countries do not have. 346 more words

My belief based on my experience

I usually stay out of the political battles on the Internet and in person. But as I continually read all the posts and comments on Facebook I feel compelled to share my story. 485 more words


When You Are Smiling Alone

I decided to go early to the office. As I arrived in the parking lot, I noticed a girl parking her vehicle in the same slot. 289 more words


Dibalik sebuah "I don't know"

Hidup nomaden hampir seumur hidup itu ada suka dan dukanya.  Bagi saya sukanya antara lain dari sisi jumlah teman yang bertebaran dimana-mana, pemahaman budaya setiap negara yang ditinggali, ngerasain jadi expat, ngerasain arti merantau (buat orang Minang ini sesuatu banget) dan tentunya kemampuan beradaptasi.   1 747 more words


The man who took off against the wind-Henry Ford

Many people know Henry Ford for the Ford Motor Company, one of the most successful automotive companies of all time. However, what they don’t know is that Ford failed two times before that abruptly resulted in bankruptcies, prior to successfully launching the present incarnation of his company. 2 221 more words


Black Box

I recently had dinner with a friend who was passing through town for a few days. We worked in DR Congo together six years ago and have only seen each other once or twice since, so it was a nice surprise to hear from her. 498 more words