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Story of Z&C : Proses Perkenalan

Semua yang menikah pasti senang jika bisa mencapai dan menikmati pernikahan yang diimpikan. Namun, apakah mereka mau menikmati prosesnya?”

Ceritanya saya bermaksud sharing sedikit karena beberapa teman saya bertanya, “ 886 từ nữa


On Non-Zero Sum Interaction

(Epistemic Status: Endorsed af, what I actually aspire to do)

(Meta-note:  I apologize for the short post this week, I hope to have a fairly substantial one on a related concept next week) 527 từ nữa

rambles of an irrelevant voyager

On October 4th, it will have been two months since coming back to the States.  It has been an interesting time!  The goodbyes were tearful and a lot harder than expected, and I still wake up everyday hoping to see my volunteer house roommates downstairs at breakfast.   473 từ nữa


My American Life Experience (Poetry)

I should have stayed home

And sat here alone.

I shouldn’t have gone out.

What was I thinking about?

You know that I love you, 64 từ nữa


10 Proven Tips for More Successful Interviews

  1. Do your  homework on the company, industry, and folks you are meeting
  2. Confirm the dress code
  3. Dialogue, not monologue!  Smile, show some personality. (An engaged interchange is what allows chemistry to develop.)
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Career Advice

Sterling K. Brown Strips And Rides A Tiny Tractor, Mandy Moore Celebrates Engagement

Things get a little crazy when the cast of “This Is Us” visits “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”.

Sterling K. Brown, Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia hang out with DeGeneres on Monday’s episode of the popular daytime talk show. 200 từ nữa


Can't Stop Writing Love (Poetry)

I tried to take a break

From writing all about you.

But you’ve been running through my mind,

So nothing to do

But write you these lines, 14 từ nữa