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The Irritable Uterus

I’ve been up with contractions most of the night, many of which are painful and just minutes apart and some less painful that seem to last ten minutes at a time. 1 371 more words


Doing the electric slide with aliens etc

Since the past week and a half I had been contemplating on writing this down but before that I guess I simply needed some time to myself first and made it a point to lay off social media completely until I wrote it down. 1 229 more words


Daddy Soup and Much Laughter

We got the family kayaks over the winter.  I’ve been wanting to go on the water since November but since this was going to be the first time that we used this type of kayak, I had to assume that one or more of the kids and maybe an adult or two would end up in the water under their boat.   930 more words


"Thoughts before coffee" Part 20: I can see Music

Hello, and welcome to another edition oooooof THOUGHTS BEFORE COFFEE!!!!!!

Ok, that sucked. Moving along.

Part 20 will be short. It’s in the category of ‘some things cannot be expressed with mere words’. 227 more words


Ted Talk: Curtis Carroll

A compelling, powerful,  humorous and insightful talk by Curtis Carrol. A talk about overcoming poverty despite given circumstances and importance of financial savviness.

Curtis “Wall Street” Carroll: How I learned to read — and trade stocks — in prison