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It’s been weeks since you’ve felt empty and you think you should be proud, but everything else has taken it’s place, an inherent need to fill all the gaps. 120 more words

5 Essential Tips For Shopping In Karachi's Supermarket

5 Essential Tips For Shopping In Karachi’s Supermarket

Supermarkets are great place. You will find whatever you need under one roof, which is both convenient and smart. 814 more words


New Web page

Saguaro Books has a new web page: “Adventures in Young Adult Publishing”. Please visit to find out what our authors have experienced.

Gaining Perspective

Sometimes, all it takes for a fresh perspective is to stop searching for answers and just live

As of lately, I have been so wrapped up in searching for answers.

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Random Quips


“Everybody makes plans but GOD laughs.”


Crisis of Faith...

…over and over I’m screaming your name. Choking on the raw hoarseness of my throat, tears roll down my cheeks, dripping from my jaw onto clenched hands dispairingly wrung. 474 more words


V-Dub Fan 4 Lyfeeee

I’m your typical Millennial. I’m 25 years old, I’m still in school, I still live with my mom, I complain a lot, I blame the world for the majority of my problems, I need constant gratification, I consider myself an activist even though I don’t volunteer as much as I should, but, specifically, I spend the majority of my money on experiences rather than material objects (unless you consider Lone Star tallboys a material item). 565 more words