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Not innocent, not guilty either

Not every sunset is peaceful. Today, I know for sure. When you are sitting alone, your mind brings up things, and sometimes it could be unpleasant. 446 từ nữa


DAY 6: A Semi-productive Day (28 Day Reset)

I did some stuff in the outside world today, running errands and that kind of stuff. Also I met up with a good friend of mine, whom I haven’t seen for weeks! 140 từ nữa


This Is Why Loving Someone Is Never A Waste Of Time

It’s finally over, the relationship or the friendship you devoted so much time and effort to. All the support you offered meant nothing to them. All the sacrifices you made proved to be irrelevant. 481 từ nữa


3 Reasons to try Anti-Gravity Yoga

So, I tried Anti-Gravity yoga today for the first time and it was so not what I expected that I really wanted to share my experience! 437 từ nữa


Book now: Totally Gruesome Hallowe'en Dinner

..Ghoulies and ghosties
And long-leggedy beasties
And things that go bump in the night…

Join us for a truly gruesome Hallowe’en experience, served up a with a delicious 3-course-dinner in one of Exmoor’s most picturesque settings.

103 từ nữa

Book now: Octoberfest on 7 October

German food and beer are the stars of this Secret Location Dining event!  Aptly named “Oktoberfest”, it features a delicious three-course-meal (courtesy of Marion’s Deli – a German catering company based in Devon) and, of course, German beer to go with it.  99 từ nữa


Perjalanan ke Osaka-Kyoto (part 1)

Keluarlah dari zona nyamanmu karena kamu akan belajar banyak hal di luar sana. Di zona nyamanmu, tentu kamu akan merasa nyaman, tapi sayangnya dirimu kurang berkembang. 1 343 từ nữa