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Preaching Hypocritical Morality

It amuses me when
A hypocrite finds a moral compass
And tries to use it

Especially someone
Who should have nothing to say
Because they have no right to judge… 16 more words


vocabulary and determining the meanings of words

We had a lovely aikido class this morning, and an issue that has been kicking around in my head for quite some time crystalized at one point in our discussions of one of the techniques on which we were working. 366 more words

Bizarre And Random Things

The starting point


I was asked very recently to describe my life in one word…tumultuous.

I’ve been signed off work for what my doctor has called an ‘acute stress reaction‘. 562 more words


Final moments of 2015

Hôm nay là 30 Tết. Mọi người đang xem Táo quân kìa. Ừ mình cũng xem, và cũng muốn viết chút gì đó. Vừa kịp sống sót từ đống bát đũa trở về. 838 more words


حوار مع صديقتى المثالية جدا

تحدثت بالأمس مع صديقتى و احتد النقاش بيننا حيث كانا نناقش قضية هامة تدور حوال هذا التساؤل :هل فساد الدولة نتجية لفساد الأفراد أم نتجية لفساد المنظومة الحاكمة من رئيس و حكومة؟


Secret Shopper

Greetings Earthkind!

For this week’s assignment, our task was to go into a library where we are not known and ask for a good book. The summary of my assignment is below: 285 more words