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Quotation Experience

We learn from experience that men never learn anything from experience.
George Bernard Shaw

I sat down and began to think 44 more words

First Love

45 and not very romantically inclined these days, I had a first love too, which you may not believe by looking at me. I lived in a small town middle class home with big windows. 437 more words


How did sound become music?

There has always been sound. Some sound attracted humans more and differently. “Who” was the first to combine different sounds? When did someone start to repeat sound? 64 more words


Menggali Akar

Sebenarnya postingan ini hanya pelarian dari kehectican yang sedang saya alami saat ini. Entah kenapa di momen-momen hectic seperti ini, terlalu banyak ide-ide segar yang berseliweran di otak saya, sayangnya tidak satupun terkait dengan apa yang seharusnya saya kerjakan (namanya juga pelarian) 886 more words


An evening in Starbucks

The vent air felt cold.

It was a round table on which my laptop resided, me right straight looking at the wall, seated on one of the three chairs. 210 more words



Somebody said love never happens like that but for me it happens. That magical moment when she first comes in front of you and something strikes in your minds ‘unbelievably beautiful’, your heart pleasantly skips a beat and you say ‘she’s the one’. 537 more words


We talk shit by the way _ New Zealand

….MF, Akaroa, indeed trained me so hard. Nothing is more tiring than Akaroa. The job in Mt. Cook is easy….

….Getting paid much less though, mentally more relaxed. 214 more words