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Gyoza comes from China but it is a basic common meal in Japan. When you are like me, lucky enough to have a Chinese friend who has been living his whole life in Japan and is a chef, you get the best of it. 20 từ nữa


Teaching Experience And Tips From ESL Teacher

By Thomas Mcmanamon, ESL Teacher @WIEChina

Whether it’s your first time teaching or you’ve got a wealth of experience in the classroom, there will always be some difficulties to overcome when teaching. 181 từ nữa

Teach In Class

Can We Talk About The Brothers?

Over the past few months (although I would have to admit that my informal research study began a number of years ago!), I have come to realise or rather accept that my professional relationship to and with men has significantly stalled. 982 từ nữa


Google is fixing SMS on Android with an iMessage-like experience


As a tech-savvy TNW reader, you may have already ditched SMS for more sophisticated messaging apps years ago, but people still send… 511 từ nữa



With a majority of Americans supporting marijuana and several states passing legislation over the past couple elections that either decriminialize, legalize for medical, or legalize for recreational use, more and more people are becoming more informed about the benefits of the drug. 277 từ nữa


Just the right words

It’s the night before I do a clown turn at the Red Nose Cabaret.  I’ve been fretting about it for the last couple of days.  Will I be funny?  166 từ nữa

Peter Gruner

Facebook Reminder: A Year Ago Today

In life it’s inevitable that something will come along to cause you to doubt, worry, stress and even be insecure about where you’re heading. You know what you want and need but believe me when I say trust in Matthew 6:33 “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you.” I’m not saying you still won’t face any type of opposition but throughout it, hold on to your faith and surely it will get stronger. 331 từ nữa