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Best Restaurant in Lafayette: Bread & Circus

Lafayette has finally earned a gem. This restaurant has the best selection of Southern food in Lafayette, LA. Bread & Circus has turned into an original, and there’s certainly no one in their way to the top.   153 more words


Day 29: Hanoi in Motion

After a week in Hong Kong, we headed west to Hanoi, Vietnam. After an easy flight, we boarded a city bus for a one-hour ride through countryside and small townsーthe only foreigners on board, although nobody seemed to notice. 200 more words


Plated Taste Test Part 2

The results of my first taste test were inconclusive. (Sorry, I have watched Forensic Files a lot lately) I decided to get another box of food from each company to get a better sample. 1 079 more words


Katoi-Ann Arbor

Somewhat high on my pre-baby to-do list this month was up hit up what is seemingly the ‘buzziest’ new place to eat in Ann Arbor this summer: … 500 more words

Ann Arbor/Ypsi Nomeries

Tofu Bánh Mì / For Men It's Called a Hardy Boy


I’m excited that you found a cool place in San Diego. It sounds very cool. First, I need to tell you that I appeared on Food Network on Saturday. 881 more words


Bánh mì sừng bò phiên bản vòng nguyệt quế

Nghe trên clip “xui dại” là easy và ko cần phải học qua lớp học làm bánh nào, nên mình thử công thức này

No quá chưa kịp măm nên ko biết có đạt yêu cầu ko nữa… 130 more words

Bếp Nhà Hoàng Hạnh

Banh mi chuoi

Day la mon banh rat de lam, nhung rat ngon.

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