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The Chicago Taco Tour: BIG & little's

Since my time in Chicago is nearly halfway over I have finally decided that I am going to attempt to try some of the best taco restaurants in the city. 381 more words


Friday Food: Zao's Asian Cafe

When it comes to the end of the week, my motivation to cook my own food is pretty much at zero. Long work weeks, filled with lots of stressful school and late nights spent studying and finishing homework leave me pretty darn exhausted. 444 more words


Cách làm lát bánh mì kẹp bơ thêm ngon hơn

( – Cách làm bánh mì kẹp bơ siêu ngon – chỉ cần vài lát bánh mì kẹp thêm một ít đường, bơ và bột quế cả nhà sẽ có món ăn lót dạ tuyệt vời. 41 more words

Panda Panda / SE8

“That cloud looks like dick!” He shouted, took his sip from the can and passed it on. The three of them lay on their backs right in the middle of the pavement. 449 more words


Roasted Pork Shoulder Bánh Mì

Ice week is finally over!  Here’s how my week went. . .

Day 1- Weather reports say there’s snow coming.  LOL right.  Whatever.
Day 2- 806 more words


Bánh Mì Stop Motion Animation

It is probably the most professional stop-motion I have made so far. This time, I managed to have a consistent light source and a clean yellow background. 58 more words

John D. Freyer

Hanoi House, Greenwich

Vietnamese is a cuisine that I have always imagined I would probably like, but never really tried (I don’t think dining hall banh mi way back in Virginia counts). 371 more words