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Chicken and Vietnamese mint with turmeric rice

Unlike a relationship, food will never break my heart. I frequently fall in love with an ingredient and seek any excuse to get a fix. This recipe centres around my predilection for… 836 từ nữa


Food Tour in Ho Chi Minh City

In February, I visited Ho Chi Minh City. I arrived on the train at 4 am, after a two and a half day trip from… 1 036 từ nữa


Looking for a Cure and Then Finding Something More at Vietnomnom

I’m no doctor, but I swear by the curative effects of Vietnamese food.

Characterized by the abundant use of herbs and leafy vegetables, Vietnamese cuisine is one of the healthiest around. 714 từ nữa

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Pho Thanh

Back in 2010, Pho Thanh replaced Pho Bang in the mostly Vietnamese shopping center at 17th Avenue and Camelback. That was itself a remarkable improvement. Where the previous restaurant had suffered a long decline into messy conditions and unresponsive service, Pho Thanh came in, scrubbed the walls, improved the food, and brought new life to the space. 1 054 từ nữa


The Vistro

Dayton area food truck
Dayton, OH 45402
Facebook page

As food trucks in Dayton go, there has been a great influx of new ones coming online in recent years to show up at all the public events and things. 478 từ nữa

Dayton Area

SEAK Southeast Asian Kitchen

After a relaxing few hours at SoJo Spa Club, we worked up an appetite and headed across the street for an early dinner. I heard about… 533 từ nữa


Sargent Taco Shop - Tam's Pho

Generally I do reviews of restaurants separately, but today I’m doing a review of both Sargent Taco Shop and Tam’s Pho. While the cuisine is different, and one is trying to replicate a distinctive vibe, they have a couple of things in common that make for a good review. 1 085 từ nữa

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