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Hand-Painted Postcards From Vietnam

I’m a sucker for well-put together and thought out gifts, doesn’t matter if the gifts are inexpensive or extravagant!

Imagine my glee when I received these hand-painted postcards from Vietnam! 52 more words


[BÁNH MÌ] - câu chuyện cuộc sống.

“Bánh mì có ngon hay không? hãy cảm nhận người đối diện.”

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Navigating the regional flavours and subcultures of food in Vietnam

Myth and legend abound in Vietnam when it comes to food and for the uninitiated, trying to decide where and what to eat could be overwhelming, but with a little time you will discover that Vietnamese cuisine is all about the fresh ingredients, virtually non-existence of dairy or oil and a heavy reliance on fresh herbs and vegetables. 676 more words



One thing I love about summer is all the free time you have which means more time to try out the abundance of food Toronto has. 435 more words

“Bánh mì” là gì?

Từ “bánh mì” mới vào từ vựng Anh ngữ, vì bánh mì kiểu Việt Nam trở thành món nổi tiếng ở Phương Tây rồi. Nghĩa của “bánh mì” bằng tiếng Anh, tuy nhiên, rất khác từ tiếng Việt “bánh mì”. 450 more words

Tiếng Việt

Banh Mi Turkey Burger

While at home one day, I was watching Guy’s Grocery Games and their challenge was to make a burger. Somebody chose to do a Banh Mi Turkey Burger and it looked delicious and I craved one ever since. 219 more words

Healthy Dinners

Recipe: Banh Mi

serves 4

For the Seasoned Pork

1 tsp. canola oil

1 tbsp. finely chopped yellow onion

12 oz. ground pork

2 tbsp. hoisin sauce

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