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Eating in Vietnam part 1

This blog is called fatboyadventures yet I haven’t done a single post on the food here. How is this even possible? The thing is, I wanted to wait for a while to do one cause I wanted to make sure I had done enough research on the subject to have an informed opinion on the matter. 980 từ nữa


Part I - Eat Drink Vietnam.......

Where on earth did the last year go.  365 days gone in a wink.  The past year was one filled with infinite good and of some wonderful moments but it was also one of small and bitter tragedies.  1 036 từ nữa

Vegan banh mi recipe

Xin chào! This recipe is an unconventional take on the Vietnamese recipe for a banh mi sandwich. For those who don’t know ‘banh’ means bread and ‘mi’ is spicy. 86 từ nữa


Bánh Mì Phượng: As featured on No Reservations - Still the best?

If you google ‘best banh mi in Hoi An’ the first few searches that come up will be Bánh Mì Phượng. This stall was visited by Anthony Bourdain and featured on his TV show No Reservations. 309 từ nữa


The best banh mi in Vietnam?

This place in Hoi An’s old city came highly recommended and it was damned fine.

Tuffy P had hers with just egg, veggies and chilies… … 16 từ nữa


Bánh Cuộn Dâu Nutella

Những buổi sáng cuối tuần rảnh rỗi có nhiều thời gian, mình hay thích vào bếp chuẩn bị bữa sáng cầu kỳ hơn một xíu. Trong tuần thì mình mê ngủ lắm, lúc nào cũng tiết kiệm thời gian nhiều nhất có thể 474 từ nữa

Công Thức

Beyond Pho: Ha Long Bay & Hanoi

After my very first visit to Japan, I called it an “other-worldly” destination, unlike any other I’ve ever been to. Having now spent several days in Vietnam, I can say the same for this country as well—nowhere else is it an adventure (and a struggle) to walk across city streets past seas and seas of motorbikes. 1 374 từ nữa