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Spring Rolls, Bread Rolls & Pho || Nem Viet

Walking from North Sydney Station to Aldi (which, by the way, has an AMAZING bakery… seriously, try it out!) for our weekly grocery haul, we had always passed by this small Vietnamese shop that advertised… 300 more words

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Shameless Self Promotion Number 4 Billion

Which is bigger, the sun or that bun in your hand?

The solar center is a sandwich, with a shine that outbrights other spinners in the galaxy. 85 more words

Tự học làm bánh mì Pháp Ngay tại nhà rất đơn giản

Làm bánh mì Pháp – Hãy tham gia cùng tham khảo công thức làm từng cái bánh mì tăm bá đạo nước Pháp này bây giờ nhe! 1 776 more words

Học Làm Bánh

Banh Mi Kitchen

Since we have a scheduled IndoChina trip on November, I’ve been reading a lot of must try (and do) in Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. I came across this sandwich goodness, Banh Mi and was surprised to see a stall in Bonifacio Stopover! 81 more words


The best sandwich in the world?

As someone who eats a sandwich pretty much every day, it’s perhaps surprising that a humble dish of meat (usually) in bread can still blow my mind. 416 more words


Eating Well: Vietnam 10.11.16

The food in Vietnam is outstanding. Fruits and vegetables are a common part of most meals (hurrah!) and all the ingredients are fresh. Very little food is fried and oil is not heavily used for cooking. 677 more words


Banh Mi Vietnamese Cafe, Bandar Puteri Puchong

Hey guys! Sorry for the lack of updates. I’ve been caught up with a lot of things and haven’t had time to blog. *sad face* There are so many backlogged entries! 429 more words