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Mr. Red Café

Mr. Red Café doesn’t sound like your typical Asian restaurant but don’t let that fool you. They specialize in Northern Vietnamese dishes, which I haven’t come across before unless you count my time traveling in Vietnam itself. 712 more words


Westward Ho!

They say there’s nothing quite like travel to expand one’s horizons.  So what did I learn from our recent trip to Arizona? You just never know what’s going to cross your path when you head out of town. 275 more words


Next stop, Hoi An

There was a bit of confusion finding my berth on the overnight train from Saigon. A whole Vietnamese family were in the cabin having dinner, thankfully all but two got off before we left. 443 more words

Like It's Your Last Turns 1

To celebrate one year of eating, drinking and frolicking with Like It’s Your Last, we hosted a #LikeItsYourFirst kickback house party turned Vietnamese street food dinner with a special four-dish menu created by the esteemed… 284 more words


Part 2, let the eating commence

Sin picked me up for a back of the bike food tour after a brief break in my hotbox hotel room.

We started out at a park in district 1 with a dish from a street vendor made famous by Luke Nyugen, Goi Du Du Bo. 346 more words

Nhớ thương thành phố bánh mì

Kyoto được biết đến như xứ sở của những nét văn hóa cổ kính truyền thống Nhật, những con phố với dãy nhà mang đậm dấu ấn xưa, đền chùa nối tiếp nhau, thiên nhiên đẹp tinh tế theo từng thời khắc. 973 more words

Quanh Góc Bếp

What Claire Ate: March 25th, 2015

I actually ate breakfast!

I also had an iced coffee.

Sean made some rice and I ate a bowl of that.

For lunch I made a rice bowl with asparagus and two eggs. 124 more words

What Claire Ate