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Theo mình thì không có đâu mà chỉ một ổ bánh mì lại biến tấu được nhiều món, ăn được nhiều bữa vẫn không ngán như bánh mì Việt Nam mình. 650 more words

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[SEA 1 - VN] Warga Lokal, Kuliner Lokal, Tips Lokal

Di tengah perjalanan, saya sempat mampir minimart untuk sekedar membeli snack yang harganya kini sudah lumayan normal. Tidak se-mencekik leher seperti di Siem Reap. Di… 2 099 more words


Day 39...Banh Mi comparison--

BAM!  It’s a tie between our two favorite banh mi places in Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam.  At the very top you see me gobbling the grilled pork sausage patty banh mi located in a stall at 39 Nguyen Trai Street–absolutely delicious, I just wish that it had more pork patties inside cuz I could inhale about twenty of these tasty little babies–my wife loves this one. 214 more words


Thanksgiving Leftovers: The Tur-keys to Success

One night’s feast can easily turn into the next day’s beast when leftovers become unmanageable. Assuming your delectable dinner is too good to ditch, even after the guests leave, here are our tips on what to do with Thanksgiving leftovers. 171 more words

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Would the real banh mi please stand up?

I read that there is a big difference between good banh mi.  Living in Melbourne, I’ve become addicted to banh mi since I stumbled across it in a Vietnamese run restaurant called Baget.  1 336 more words

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Banh Mi (Inspired) Pizza

If you follow this blog you may have understandably formed the impression that pizza is my favorite food. It’s not, by a long shot. For as much time as I spend thinking about, baking, and then writing about pizza my first love in food, my personal ambrosia, is the sandwich. 670 more words


Pork Pâté Bánh Mì

That’s the most diacriticals I’ve ever used in a blog post.

I had this delicious sandwich at the Vietnamese stall at the Food Republic at 311 Somerset. 88 more words