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Alright, judge if you must, but when it’s hump day my mind goes toward one thing – Asian food. I know it’s a catch-all term, but I am a… 1 045 more words


Bánh mì bơ tỏi bacon

Ở nhà lúc nào cũng có bacon và bơ để làm bánh hay món Ý. Ba mình lại thích ăn bánh mì nên nhà hay có bánh mì baguette hay bánh mì ổ thường còn dư. 388 more words

Lăn Vào Bếp

Cách làm bánh mì baguette

Bánh mì Cô Ba sẽ giới thiệu đến mọi người series cách làm các loại bánh mì, từ truyền thống cho đến hiện đại. Đầu tiên hãy cùng đến với cách làm bánh mì Baguette.

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Pate Côba

Why Bánh Mì Is Vietnam's Greatest Street Food

Street food stalls provide perhaps the most delicious food available in Asia, and the street food in Vietnam is no different. Southeast Asian staples are prominent; noodle dishes, barbecue skewers, and fresh fruits are a given on every street corner. 436 more words


Fanny Out East

Hi Fanny Fans,

Fanny’s got a very special travel post for you today. She’s been travelling around Thailand and Vietnam with Dick!

Wow, did Fanny need a holiday or what?! 878 more words



I’d consider myself a sandwich lover.

And this is my all-time favorite sandwich: a banh mi.

As a vegetarian, I have yet to try a banh mi in a restaurant (they are almost always made with pork belly), but I have always been obsessed with the smells, colors, and flavor combinations of these sandwiches. 292 more words

15 Ingredients Or Less

Sao Mai

Up in Yorkville, right around 2nd Avenue, there once existed this cancerous cluster of terrible restaurants that really ought to have been dug right up and replanted in some godforsaken upstate strip mall. 1 400 more words

New York City