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Grilled Tofu Sandwich

I like Vietnamese sandwich, also known as Banh Mi because it is different from most sandwiches – there are chillies and pickles in it! In Vietnam, pork and chicken sandwiches are popular. 373 more words

Savouries & Snacks

Banh Mi Spring Rolls

The weather here’s been just beautiful this week and I think it’s finally safe to say that we’ve left winter behind us–though you never really can tell in Michigan. 1 215 more words

Fiesta Friday

Vietnamese Beef Stew

Bò kho is the ultimate winter comfort food. It normally serves for breakfast with a freshly baked baguette or in the south with thin rice noodle ( 298 more words


Marrickville Pork Roll, Marrickville

Although it doesn’t look like much, the Banh Mi that comes out of this joint is the tastiest thing you will put in your mouth for $4.00. 120 more words

Liv Reviews

The Best Vietnamese Food!


Today’s blog post will be something different, since this will be my last “post” for my school assignment, but not my last post for this blog. 426 more words

Pho Ckoff: My Unconvincing Relationship With Vietnamese Food

The first time I tried Vietnamese food was a happy accident. Daisy and I were having a wander around Manchester and she decided that she wanted something snacky/street food-y, so jumped the gun and went for a rather unsatisfying calzone from the street food market that resides outside Halifax, Greggs and the like on the Market Street/Piccadilly stretch. 1 340 more words

Greed Is Good

Summer Rolls

Believe it or not, summer is fast approaching and, good weather or not, we are not going to miss out on enjoying the lighter side of life. 19 more words