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Quilling Art Pictures - Vietnamese Ao Dai Costume

Ao Dai is a traditional dress in Vietnam. It’s also a symbol of Vietnam. Whenever you hear about Vietnam, definitely you will hear about Ao Dai (Áo Dài in Vietnamese, it can be literally translated into English as long dress or long robe). 164 more words

Quilling Art

Ao Dai for All: Hanoi's Cross Continental Cultural Show

Happy Birthday Ho Chi Minh! Vietnam’s revolutionary communist leader who would have been 125 years young today. Still residing in state in his own mausoleum, Hanoi has seen a week long precession of celebrations and festivals in his honour. 443 more words


Lady in repose by Lumiere-Noire

This was taken in the Forbidden City, Hue, Vietnam

As Seen on 500px – April 29, 2015 at 12:05PM


On face and party, Ao Dai Edition...

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A beautiful night!

As with each big party we have organized in the past, our team was anxious to deliver a truly unique experience to our guests.   826 more words

A Classic 
Friday Ladies Night!

Original Post: (more photos)

Last Friday was full house at The Rooftop Lounge (again)…Dj Tonique..deep house…free Cricova…great ambience!  We have started to welcome many Vietnamese guests in the last few weeks and this trend has continued this Friday! 361 more words

Ngày Vinh Danh người Mỹ gốc Việt tại Quốc Hội Tiểu Bang Texas - 2015

Ngày thứ Tư, 8 tháng Tư, 2015 – Cộng đồng người Mỹ gốc Việt tại tiểu bang Texas đã được vinh danh bởi Lưỡng Viện Quốc Hội Tiểu Bang Texas. 2 899 more words

Bạn Bè

Áo dài việt phong cách hoạt hình Nhật Bản

Vẽ tranh theo phong cách anime hoạt hình Nhật Bản là một trào lưu khá thịnh hành trong giới trẻ quốc tế và Việt Nam. 113 more words

Girl Xinh