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Glossy Vibrant Vietnam

Glossy vibrant embroidary cottons, Hoi An

Glossy Vibrant Laquered Red and gold Theatre chairs Hue

Glossy Vibrant Laquered water puppets, Hanoi

Glossy vibrant lanterns, HoiAn… 171 more words

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Another moon under same old sun
On Green Earth walking in white
Emitting fresh new attraction light
Feminie beauty in the layer of milk
Ao Dai a Vietnamese magic over silk… 6 more words

Ao Dai

History of Ao Dai (Vietnamese Traditional Dress)

Originally the Ao Dai was worn in the late 1800’s at the courts of the Nguyen Lords, the tunic was cylinder shaped, which in turn gave women no-shape, this followed Confucianism values beautifully. 187 more words

Hanoi Vietnam Cultural Understanding

Ao Dai - Vietnamese National Dress

Primarily worn by women this national dress today consists of tight fitting silk tunic top worn over pants.

Worn for many special occasions especially at Tet activities (Lunar New Year), formal events and purposes including formal wear, school and business uniforms and subject of many artists who transform the beauty in front of their eyes to the canvas. 241 more words

Hanoi Vietnam Cultural Understanding

Ngày Cựu Chiến Binh - Veterans Day!

@ Tượng đài Cựu Chiến Binh VN tại Thủ Phủ Austin, tiểu bang Texas.

Thanks ALL Veterans of all branches of service. Especially, to all Vietnamese and American veterans, who have fought and sacrificed their youth and life to give others another chance to live. 107 more words

Bạn Bè

Ao Dai: A dress that was never just a dress.

     Every piece of clothes that is made in this world carries a meaning, a message within it. Just that being said, to all Vietnamese around the world, Ao Dai is not simply just a traditional dress; because it not only displays the country’s lengthy history and charming image, but also represents the pride in the nationality of the people. 1 009 more words