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A Breath of Fresh Air - The Teign Valley Stompers.

The Teign Valley Stompers – A breath of fresh air.

RA Records – RA Custom 6017


Released on the Torbay label  RA Records

Recorded by West of England sound Ltd, Torquay… 93 more words

Devon Vinyl

Into The Silence

Avishai Cohen impressed a lot of listeners with his soulful contributions to Mark Turner’s Lathe of Heaven album in 2014. Now the charismatic Tel Aviv-born trumpeter has his ECM leader debut in a programme of expansive and impressionistic compositions for jazz quartet (trumpet, piano, bass, drums), augmented by tenor saxophone on a few pieces. 188 more words



Reverb soaked psych pop which sort of worms it’s way into your head. They say it is inspired by Can and Neu! – not sure I get that vibe from it. Not bad.




Blame It On The Night

1974 album from Coyne which is his usual collection of mutant blues rock. Attempts in part to make the man vaguely commercial fail on every level. 14 more words


Macrocosm Microcosm

Dutch psychedelic “rock” which is somewhat derivative of bands that were derivative themselves in the first place. Some real musical cliches going on. Vocals are a little too airy/sugary for my taste. 8 more words


Matching Head and Feet

Manic rock and blues explorations from Derby’s anti-hero rock non-star. Reviews compared him to Joe Cocker and Deke Leonard. Nice swampy feel to the whole affair. 19 more words


Person A

The band’s fourth studio album, PersonA, was released April 15, 2016 through Community Music. Recording the music almost entirely in one room together in New Orleans, their approach was a far cry from their ramshackle, come-one-come-all production audible on recordings of their previous albums. 9 more words