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Album - Wild Dogs

Released : September 16th, 2017

Available on Bandcamp (Compact Disc (CD) & Digital Album)

The Album concept:

In each of us, two dogs, one good, one evil. 112 từ nữa


'What we know now'...about The April Family

Sydney-based music trio, The April Family are the perfect blend of classic country, the blues and 70’s West Coast country rock and if you didn’t catch them at the Tamworth Country Music Festival this January, then you sure are missing out. 683 từ nữa

REVIEW: Ostrich Bouquet - On Time, As Usual

I was aware, from the beginning, that by starting a blog that accepts submissions from anybody, I would receive a lot of subpar material. My goal was never to lavish people in undeserved praise but to provide an outlet in which they could receive legitimate feedback and a hand in growing as a musician. 613 từ nữa


REVIEW: La Ville - Life/Death

In my review of La Ville’s first project The Underground, I noted the clear and obvious influence of Godspeed You! Black Emperor’s F#A#oo, this time around La Ville seems less interesting in taking influence from the music, and more so from the idea. 403 từ nữa


REVIEW: Luke Page - Modern Prayers

Here it is again – another two hour long, post-rock, electronica-inspired, avant-garde messterpiece. A work of art so close to the heart of its creator, they never stopped to think “should I release this” – such is the case with Luke Page’s Modern Prayers. 247 từ nữa


REVIEW: Psychic Diet - It Won't Be Easy

Psychic Diet’s “It Won’t Be Easy” is an album drenched in naivety. Its wholly lacking in production, forgoing the comfort of a proper mixing for the raw”natural feel”, its Centipede Hz style of experimental pop music is one not likely to sit well with most listeners. 302 từ nữa


REVIEW: The Tang - I'll Try Harder Next Time

One thing that immediately sticks out to me about indie-folk/power-pop band The Tang’s I’ll Try Harder Next Time EP is the presence of the influence of Elephant 6, opening track Deep Space Nine would fit comfortably on any Elf Power or Of Montreal record, it employs elements of dreampop and surfrock, creating a wholely unique sound in the process. 194 từ nữa